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Lines of code 4951
Technical Name udoo_om_ux

The Atomic Odoo Backend Design

Step into the future with our sleek and user-focused Odoo backend theme. Designed to prioritize usability, our theme offers a seamless experience for all users. From effortless navigation to advanced customization options, we strike the perfect balance between simplicity and flexibility. Say goodbye to overwhelming interfaces and embrace a streamlined and intuitive workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions?

If the answer to your question is not on this page, please contact our customer Support Team

↳ This module is developed and built with two main objectives in mind. Firstly, we aim to enhance the user experience of Odoo by not only developing new functionalities but also creating a unique user experience. Secondly, the module enables customers to apply their own brand identity to the user interface using the UI theme designer.

↳ From a technical standpoint, the module is built on the OWL Framework and follows the Odoo standards. It is meticulously designed and ready for expansion, ensuring stability and flexibility in development and feature extension.

↳ In terms of module organization, this solution is structured into multiple modules, with Om Theme as the core, and additional modules providing extended options, specifically:

  • For the core, we have 2 modules for each version of Odoo:

    • Om Backend Community Theme
    • Om Backend Enterprise Theme
  • The core theme comes with a default color scheme called Slate Theme Preset. Additionally, we provide additional pre-designed color schemes for you to choose from:

    • Metronic Theme Preset
    • Neutral Theme Preset
    • Zinc Theme Preset
  • For advanced theming needs, we offer a powerful tool that allows users to design and select colors for their system:

    • UI Theme Designer

↳ Theming variables come in the form of SCSS variables and JSON. This enables customers to apply their own brand identity to the user interface using the UI theme designer, which works across all Odoo UI technologies. It allows customers to easily change a few basic colors (quick theming) as well as individual control colors (detailed theming).

↳ Some customers will simply replace the logo or change the main branding colors of the UI by replacing the default brand and base colors of the theme. Other customers want more control to change the colors of the UI controls. Theming is driven by customer requirements and works using a top down approach, from quick to detailed UI control adaptations:

  • Quick theming: replacing logo and main brand colors
  • Detailed theming: replacing detailed color values of specific or group UI controls

↳ For quick theming, we offers meticulously curated sets of 12 color palettes, specifically tailored to meet the diverse color selection requirements of a wide range of businesses. Additionally, you have the option to combine these palettes with pre-designed color packs, such as Zinc, Neutral, and Metronic. These packs introduce notable variations in the overall warmth, coolness, brightness, and darkness of the background, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal and visual experience.

↳ For detailed theming, we have developed a dedicated tool that allows customers to directly modify the theming variables on their system without the need for programming. This tool is accompanied by a powerful color picker commonly used by designers. This opens up almost limitless customization possibilities.

↳ As an expert, you have the ability to customize various aspects of the web interface. Here is a summary of the customization capabilities:

  • You have the ability to customize the colors of sidebar, topbar, start menu, graph color palettes and various web components, such as buttons, labels, inputs, cards, etc. This customization extends to creating distinct versions for both the light and dark themes of the interface. By doing so, you ensure clarity and differentiation between these two color modes. Tailoring the colors, contrast, and other design elements allows you to create a unique and personalized experience for both the light and dark modes, aligning with your preferences and usage purposes.
  • You can adjust the size of the sidebar, topbar, and the spacing of items in the list view, customization offers even more possibilities
  • You can customize the web page prefix (which is typically set to "Odoo" by default) and replace the company logo on the sidebar.

↳ You can toggle the Start Menu using one of two methods: by clicking the square button located in the left area of the topbar or by pressing the keyboard shortcut alt+h.

↳ Here, you can customize the light and dark themes, language settings, manage bookmarks, all apps, and pinned apps. Pinned apps and bookmarks can be reorganized by long-pressing the app icon and dragging it to the desired position. The order of pinned apps corresponds directly to the app list on the sidebar. However, you also have the option to display all apps on the sidebar.

↳ You have several ways to save bookmarks. Here are the options:

  • Through the "Bookmark current tab" command in the Command Palette popup (click the Command Palette button on the top bar to open it)
  • Through the "Bookmark current tab" or "Bookmark current tab and pin" commands in the Bookmark Manager popup (click the Bookmark Manager button on the top bar or press alt+k to open it)
  • Using the shortcut ctrl+k+enter

↳ You can manage bookmarks through the Bookmark Manager popup or directly in the Start Menu. In the Start Menu, you can also arrange their order by drag and drop. Each bookmark item is equipped with actions such as delete, pin to top, and open in a new tab.

↳ >The bookmark search capability is also very powerful. You can search for bookmarks using keywords and it supports fuzzy search, which allows you to find bookmarks based on similar keywords. This makes it easier to quickly locate specific bookmarks even if you don't remember the exact keyword or phrase.

↳ You can save bookmarks for almost all types of screens in Odoo, and the opening speed is very fast, almost instant, without the need to reload any pages. You have two available commands to delete all bookmarks or delete unpinned bookmarks.

↳ You can hide the sidebar using one of two methods: by clicking the interactive button located in the middle-left area of the sidebar or by pressing the keyboard shortcut ctrl+shift+left.

↳ To access the submenus, you can either click the interactive button (represented by three dots) on the respective menu item or right-click on the menu item itself.

↳ By default, the sidebar and horizontal menu will work together. However, if you wish to hide the horizontal menu while using the sidebar, you can customize this setting in the personalization options found in the user menu.

↳ There are two ways to enter this mode: by holding the shift key and clicking on an item in the list view, or by enabling this mode through the smart button located in the top right corner.

↳ Press and drag the separator to adjust the proportion between the two panels. Additionally, you can automatically distribute the horizontal dimension of the two panels by double-clicking or right click on the separator.

↳ To refresh the list view, use the refresh feature available in the smart button. To refresh the view of an opened item, simply click again on that item in the list view.

↳ The lifecycle of this feature will remain active until you reload the page or disable it using the menu in the smart button.

↳ There are two ways to access this feature: by holding the shift key and clicking on an item on the Kanban board or by enabling it through the smart button located in the top right corner.

↳ To close the pop-up, you can either click the close button or use the esc key. To quickly save and close the pop-up, press ctrl+enter.

↳ The lifecycle of this feature will end when you exit the current Kanban board or disable it using the smart button.

↳ There are two ways to hide/show the chatter: through the interactive button located in the top right corner of the form view or by using the shortcut key ctrl+shift+right.

↳ Press and drag the separator to adjust the proportion between the left anf right panels. The proportion will be reset to its initial state when you reload the page or end the session.

↳ For certain tablets with limited screen space, you may need to change the default position of the chatter. You can try changing it through the smart button.

↳ This feature now only saves the access history of records in the detail view. To ensure system performance, the record history is synchronized only when you end your session (close the tab or browser).

↳ Duplicate records are automatically deleted at the end of each session, ensuring a clean and efficient record history.

↳ Absolutely, every detail, from individual characters to dynamic features like layout sizing and switching side page position, has been designed to work seamlessly in both RTL and LTR (Left-to-Right) directions.

↳ For additional information, if you are using the Odoo Community version, please ensure that the server has the RTLCSS library installed, refer to the official Odoo documentation: Note for languages using a right-to-left interface.
In case you encounter any issues, please follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Make sure RTLCSS is installed globally. Also, Node.js and NPM
  • Step 2: Restart Odoo and enable developer mode
  • Step 3: Click on the bug icon in the top bar, and select "Regenerate Assets Bundles"
  • Step 4: Switch to an RTL language (such as Arabic or Hebrew) and experience the change.

↳ Yes, this module supports multiple languages. It has been programmed according to Odoo's i18n standard. Currently, the supported languages include:

  • Arabic
  • English
  • Japanese
  • Vietnamese
  • Spanish
  • Ukrainian

↳ If your language is not on the list, we are ready to update the translation for you. We are also ready to collaborate in improving the translation in case there are any areas that need improvement.

Powerful Navigation System

Our theme draws inspiration from modern operating systems, providing a smooth and user-friendly navigation menu. Its intuitive interface allows users to easily access their favorite apps, manage bookmarks, recent views, and explore the wide range of available applications. Integrated keyboard shortcuts further enhance user productivity, enabling quick actions to be performed with ease.

Instantly access frequently used tasks

Effortlessly customize and organize your favorite apps. Pin for quick access, arrange to your liking, and set as startup apps. Streamline your workflow with personalized efficiency.

Store and organize critical pages

You can store and manage important bookmarks, such as orders, documents, or specific features, for easy access and seamless continuation of work without wasting time searching.

Explore all available applications

Discover a comprehensive list of existing applications. The flexible interface allows you to browse through all available applications, search, and explore what your system has to offer.

Dual-tier sidebar navigation

Embrace a fresh approach to organizing navigation items with our innovative sidebar design. We introduce a second-tier sidebar that optimizes accessibility and efficiency, eliminating the need for vertical stacking. This design seamlessly accommodates extensive menus and allows for future expansion. Users have the freedom to personalize their navigation experience and easily toggle between options using interactive button or shortcut keys.

The classic and modern menu

A perfect blend of classic and modern design. Unlike other themes, it offers you the flexibility to have both the side menu and top menu simultaneously. This unique feature greatly enhances the user experience, particularly for those accustomed to the original Odoo menu.

Experience the best of both worlds with our theme, combining the familiarity of the traditional Odoo interface with a touch of contemporary aesthetics.

Global Menu Search

Unlock the power to effortlessly search across a broad spectrum of menus, ranging from main menus to intricate submenus. With our intelligent fuzzy search algorithm, users can enjoy unparalleled flexibility, making it easier than ever to find the exact functions they are looking for.

Additionally, our enhanced search capability extends to bookmarks, allowing users to search for their saved bookmarks using the same intuitive approach.

Recent Views

Recent Views" feature aims to ensure the continuity of a user's workflow. The idea is to keep track of the user's actions when opening records and allow easy access to these actions through the "Recents" section in the sidebar. This enables users to quickly navigate back to previously opened records.

Users can conveniently access their recently visited pages with just a few clicks. This functionality eliminates the hassle of manually searching or bookmarking pages.

Quick Theming

We offers meticulously curated sets of 12 color palettes, specifically tailored to meet the diverse color selection requirements of a wide range of businesses. Additionally, you have the option to combine these palettes with pre-designed color packs, such as Zinc, Neutral, and Metronic. These packs introduce notable variations in the overall warmth, coolness, brightness, and darkness of the background, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal and visual experience.

Detailed Theming

Gone are the days of relying on programming knowledge or external assistance. Our user-friendly interface and robust color picker put the power of customization in your hands. By simply editing the SCSS and JSON parameters, you can easily transform the look and feel of your UI, bringing your vision to life. The tool is targeted at different user groups, including developers, visual designers, and administrators.

Seamless Viewing Approaches

Effortlessly work through lists using the split view feature. By "surfing" on the left side, you can quickly glance at the data within each record on the right side, enhancing your productivity and efficiency.

Additionally, our theme allows you to seamlessly browse Kanban boards with the quick pop-up view. Instead of navigating to a separate screen, you can conveniently open records in a pop-up window, enabling a smoother and more streamlined workflow. This feature saves you time and effort, ensuring a seamless user experience while managing your Kanban tasks.

Work through lists with ease using split view

Seamlessly browse Kanban using quick pop-up view

Open in New Tab

In Odoo, as a web app, traditional web-like navigation is not available, particularly in tree view or kanban view screens. This limitation prevents users from opening records in new tabs within the browser. However, I have found a solution to address this fundamental issue while maintaining the familiar browser user experience.

By simply holding down the CTRL key before clicking on a record, you can seamlessly open it in a new tab.

Folding group items in list views

This feature provides users with the flexibility to view all the records within a folded group when necessary. By expanding the folded groups, users can easily access and review the complete set of records, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the data presented in the list view.

This enhances user experience and facilitates efficient data analysis and decision-making within Odoo.

Eye-friendly Dark-Light Mode

Effortlessly switch between two modes with a simple click, providing a seamless user experience. Our team has thoughtfully handpicked trending colors that are widely favored, ensuring a visually appealing interface.

We offer the ability to customize colors for your system through high-quality preset themes. Both us and our customers can create their own unique experiences. This approach sets us apart from traditional themes that simply add a few color options directly into their interface, which proves to be limited in meeting the diverse needs of individuals. With our method, we provide maximum freedom for users to create personalized and unique experiences that truly cater to their preferences.

Metronic Theme Preset

Neutral Theme Preset

Zinc Theme Preset

Seamless Language Switching

Compared to the original Odoo interface, switching to a new language often requires multiple steps and can be time-consuming. However, with our interface, you can achieve this with just a single selection. This saves time and simplifies the language switching process for users, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

RTL Layout Direction

The entire functionality is well compatible with RTL (Right-to-Left) layout direction. Even the resizing panel feature in Split View Mode works perfectly, which is a common issue faced by most top modules in the marketplace.

Furthermore, you can easily configure RTL for languages that are typically displayed in LTR (Left-to-Right) and vice versa, catering to all display orientation requirements.

Smart Refresh Button

Our Smart Refresh button revolutionizes the way you update content in Odoo. With a single click, the content is instantly refreshed, eliminating the need to refresh the entire web page. Rest assured, if you have any unsaved changes, the system provides a warning to ensure the safety of your work. Experience efficient updates and a stable workflow with our Smart Refresh button.

Refresh Form View

Keep your information up to date with a simple refresh of the form view.

Refresh List View

Keep your information up to date with a simple refresh of the list or kanban view.

Refresh Setting View

Make sure your settings are always current by refreshing the setting view.

Flexible layout, for every situation

Our interface solves the problem of dealing with additional content, such as chat boxes or document viewers, on a page. Unlike the original Odoo interface, our interface allows you to choose and adjust the width between two content sections flexibly. This customization capability enhances user experience, providing convenience and ease of use. Furthermore, you have the option to hide the page when necessary, and we provide shortcut keys for quick operations.

Interactive Sidenav

Interactive Form View

Switch Chatter Position

Fully Responsive

Our interface is fully responsive, providing a seamless experience across different devices and screen sizes. Whether you're using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, our interface automatically adjusts and adapts to ensure optimal usability. Enjoy the convenience of accessing and using our interface anytime, anywhere, without compromising on functionality or user experience.

Light Mode on Ipad Air

Dark Mode on Ipad Air

Browse on Chrome

Browse on Firefox

Compatible with Website Editor

Compatible with Neutralized Database

Compatible with Odoo Studio

Compatible with Odoo Home Menu

Friendly Required Fields Visibility

Elegant Graph Pallettes

Sticky List View Header

Optimized Multi-Line Table Cell

Streamlined Kanban View

Flexible Modal View

Streamlined Loading Indicator

Friendly Report Action Icon

Streamlined Search Box

Friendly Save Discard Button

Community Theme Presets

Technical Help, Queries & Support

Please feel free to contact for any suggestion, issue & queries

Odoo Proprietary License v1.0

This software and associated files (the "Software") may only be used (executed,
modified, executed after modifications) if you have purchased a valid license
from the authors, typically via Odoo Apps, or if you have received a written
agreement from the authors of the Software (see the COPYRIGHT file).

You may develop Odoo modules that use the Software as a library (typically
by depending on it, importing it and using its resources), but without copying
any source code or material from the Software. You may distribute those
modules under the license of your choice, provided that this license is
compatible with the terms of the Odoo Proprietary License (For example:
LGPL, MIT, or proprietary licenses similar to this one).

It is forbidden to publish, distribute, sublicense, or sell copies of the Software
or modified copies of the Software.

The above copyright notice and this permission notice must be included in all
copies or substantial portions of the Software.


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We have long awaited this outstanding quality
on 6/28/24, 2:52 PM

Re: We have long awaited this outstanding quality
Peter Nguyen
on 6/29/24, 7:24 AM Author

Thank you for your support during this initial phase. We greatly appreciate receiving fresh ideas from you!

Does this UI Theme also work for the odoo 16.0 Version?
Leona Eden
on 7/5/24, 8:08 AM

Re: Does this UI Theme also work for the odoo 16.0 Version?
Peter Nguyen
on 7/5/24, 10:39 AM Author

Hello there! Currently, we only have plans to develop UI/UX extension modules for Odoo versions 17 and above. For lower versions, we will consider it on a case-by-case basis when customers approach us. If you feel that this module aligns with your development needs, please feel free to contact us via email and explain your requirements. Thank you!