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Required Apps Employee Directory (hr)
Technical Name hr_zk_attendance
Also available in version v 11.0 v 13.0 v 14.0 v 12.0 v 15.0 v 16.0
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Required Apps Employee Directory (hr)
Technical Name hr_zk_attendance
Also available in version v 11.0 v 13.0 v 14.0 v 12.0 v 15.0 v 16.0

HR Biometric Device Integration

This Module Integrates Biometric Device With HR Attendance

Cybrosys Technologies


Automation is an implementation factor for a successful ERP. With this module, HR attendance can automate by integrating Thumb / Face detection device with Odoo. We can configure a user both from thumbing device or Odoo employee form.


Ingrates biometric device(Face+Thumb) with HR attendance.

Option to keep the device attendance log in Odoo.

Option to clear the device attendance log from both device and Odoo.

Automating HR attendance.

Option to configure multiple devices.

This module will support with ZKteco model 'uFace 202', ZKteco model 'iFace990'

Biometric Device Configuration

Here you can configure your all devices with it's IP address and port number.

Download/Clear Device Attendance Log

After configuration, you can download your device attendance log into Odoo through 'Download' button.If the device is connected, then the Odoo will download all device attendance log. Otherwise, the Odoo will show you a warning message as follow.

You can also clear all attendance log from both Odoo and device via 'Clear' button. If the device is not connected it will show you a warning message as follow.

Biometric Device Attendance Log

Here you can see all device attendance log

HR Attendance

Here, Odoo automatically generates HR attendance log while downloading the device attendance.

Employee Configuration

You can update existing employees with the 'Device Id' which are the id in the biometric device. If there is no match with the biometric device id then system will automatically create corresponding employee.

Note:- This integration is only applicable for the the device ZKteco model 'uFace 202'
Please install zklib library (sudo pip install zklib)

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User Sync is working well.
Nilmar Shereef
on 4/23/18, 3:06 AM

Hi Anud, In this connector, created users from machine will sync with Odoo ERP (in basis of bio metric id, if not exist, then it will create a new user). If you couldn't sync, please check the model of ZK. This module is only tested with two models. ie 'iFace990' & 'uFace 202'

Facing a Strange Scenario with this connector
on 4/2/18, 3:15 AM

Hi Team, When i create a user in the device directly it syncs and the attendance informations are imported. But ZK also provides a software in which we can create users. For the users which are created like that, the sync is not working. Do you know what could be the reason. Is there any way i can resolve this.

Nice Job!!!
Shabeer VPK
on 12/17/17, 12:55 AM

Module works with iFace 990

Fady Fakhry
on 5/23/22, 8:16 AM

Unable to install module "hr_zk_attendance" because an external dependency is not met: No module named zklib
 using odoo 10 in windows i need help 


Cant download attendance!
Aurel Balanay
on 3/5/20, 2:28 AM

error prompt: "Unable to get the attendance log, please try again later."

Re: Cant download attendance!
Cybrosys Technologies
on 3/5/20, 3:35 AM Author

Please send your device details to odoo@cybrosys.com

Is it working with ZK MB20 ?
Wael Marzouk
on 12/23/19, 9:09 AM

Dear Cybrosys, I'd like to know if the module works with ZK MB20? I have a customer who wants to buy cheap attendance machine so I need to test with ZK MB20. Thanks

Aurel Balanay
on 11/7/19, 3:45 AM

data_recv, addr = self.zkclient.recvfrom(1032) timeout: timed out

Can only import attendance for 8 users
Toseef Sadiq
on 12/12/18, 12:41 AM

We have iFace 702 device, the module only imports attendance record for 8 users approx and skips the others. Can you resolve the issue for us? Thanks

tienen una version para odoo 12
dionnys bonalde
on 12/11/18, 12:35 AM

tengo el zkteco in01-a

need help my device is Zkteco F8
hassan adballah
on 11/3/18, 5:33 AM

Cannot create new attendance record for 10057, the employee was already checked in on 2018-04-23 16:57:07

on 11/2/18, 1:33 PM

please i need a free module and for zkteco t4-c

Abhay Singh Rathore
on 9/29/18, 3:22 AM

Module is working with the uface800 model of ztech. I have tested and implemented the module. If you have any query you can reach me at abhay.s@cisinlabs.com and my skype id is live:abhay.s_6

Zkteco F8
on 8/6/18, 9:37 AM

is this module support Zkteco F8

on 7/25/18, 7:35 AM

I need to know if it’s tested with any new ZkTeco models, if yes please tell which ones, because i can't find those old models 'uFace 202' / iFace990 in my country

Acces Zkteco by Dns instead IP
on 5/10/18, 5:56 PM

Hi Is it possible to use Ddns or similar service instead of fixe public IP addresse to connect over internet to the Zkteco device by Odoo ?? Sincerly

Jesni Banu
on 4/23/18, 4:32 AM

Hi Anud, Every biometric device employee is associated with an id. According to our module. If this biometric device id is linked to any existing employees (biometric device id in employee master), then attendance record use the existing employee. Otherwise, Odoo will create a new employee with the biometric device employee's info.

Jesni Banu
on 4/23/18, 2:56 AM

It is working well with 'iFace990' & 'uFace 202'
Nilmar Shereef
on 3/11/18, 11:44 PM

@Sakib, We are giving working guarantee only for above mentioned(See the module index) devices. If you are using any other Zk devices with Odoo, This module will not suit. You have to customize accordingly. If you want any support from us, You can contact through mail: sales@cybrosys.com @Abdullah Sorry, We don't have the v9 version. If you want this module in V9, You can contact through mail: sales@cybrosys.com

Is it available for Odoo 9.0?
on 3/6/18, 2:11 PM

Could you please tell us if it is available for Odoo V 9.0?

Results showing on command line while debugging but sometimes not displaying on view side
on 2/26/18, 5:36 AM

Our team has used your odoo application for ZK biometric device integration for community version 10 But we face some issues over here 1 - Although all ethernet and cloud computer settings are correctly made , here sometimes module displays results but most probably not fetching and displaying attendance logs on the view side 2 - When we debug by print statements then it is showing all recently fetched data at the command line side but not showing the data on the view side as well So we don't know what the exact problem is Kindly provide the solution

Integrate Biometric Attendance with Odoo through Internet
on 2/17/18, 11:48 PM

We can integrate the biometric attendance machine with the Odoo/OpenERP application without any software support in windows/linux , watch www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQ6W3S3bV5o? . It Supports some of the ZkTeco biometric machines, essl biometric machines along with all the biometric machines listed http://camsunit.com/product/home.html

Mail to odoo@cybrosys.com
Nilmar Shereef
on 2/4/18, 10:49 PM

Hi All, If you are looking for solution with this module, You all just send an email to odoo@cybrosys.com . Then we can analyse it well.

ZKteco model 'iface 950'
on 2/4/18, 9:13 AM

I have ZKteco model 'iface 950' can it be supported by my odoo please help me

For your requirement, Give us a request mail
Cybrosys Technologies
on 1/15/18, 12:35 AM Author

Hi, Faisal, If you want to extend this module with your devices, Just drop a customization request mail to odoo@cybrosys.com or info@cybrosys.com Thankyou all

Other machine from ZKT
on 1/4/18, 8:43 AM

Any possibility if other machines are going to be integrated like this one ? we have another machine of ZKT, i think UFace 800 which we need to integrate, any help please ?

Odoo v11 ?
Danti Gun
on 12/17/17, 4:36 PM

When can we expect Odoo v11 compatibility ?