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Required Apps Inventory (stock)
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Technical Name amazon_ept
Also available in version v 14.0 v 11.0 v 15.0 v 13.0
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Required Apps Inventory (stock)
Invoicing (account)
Sales (sale_management)
Included Dependencies
Lines of code 55682
Technical Name amazon_ept
Also available in version v 14.0 v 11.0 v 15.0 v 13.0

Amazon Odoo Connector

Grow your Amazon Business & Increase back-office efficiency by integrating Amazon and Odoo

Amazon is expanding worldwide and along with Amazon, your business has the potential to grow globally. With this new opportunity, you face a new challenge - Growth Management. As you increase your global reach, you start realizing that you can no longer rely on Amazon Seller Central account for managing all your day-to-day operations. Amazon Odoo Connector by Emipro offers a complete solution for Amazon Sellers to focus on selling while leaving all their back-end operations worries to the powerful & flexible ERP system, Odoo.

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NOTE: Amazon Odoo Connector is available as 'In-App Purchase' for a recurring fee and not as a one-off purchase. With the purchase of the app, you get 6-months free usage and after that, you can choose to buy monthly or annual IAP pack.


Order Processing & Fulfillment

Unify all your Amazon Orders (FBM + FBA) from various marketplaces in Odoo, process them & fulfill them with ease. Send shipment tracking information to your Amazon customers right from Odoo

Stock Synchronization

Say good-bye to your worries about overselling or underselling. Automatically synchronize your stock levels between Amazon and Odoo and ensure that all your Amazon marketplaces show the accurate & updated stock levels

Catalog Management

Synchronize your products & variations between Odoo & Amazon and effectively manage product pricing, images, categories and a lot more using the CSV exchange. Effortlessly map your Amazon Products with Odoo

Settlement Report Processing

Bring all your expenses, commissions & payments from Amazon to Odoo by downloading the Settlement Report in Odoo and processing & reconciling it to match up with your accounting

Order Cancellation

Improve your customer service by keeping an accurate track of order cancellations in Amazon. Fetch all order cancellations from Amazon to Odoo and also perform cancellations from Odoo to Amazon.

Invoicing & Refunds

Forget the accounting hassles and manage the invoicing completely in Odoo for your Amazon Orders. Send Invoices to customers directly from Odoo. Keep track of refund requests & process refunds of your Amazon Orders from Odoo.

Inbound Shipments

Hassle free inbound shipments right from Odoo! Create a shipment plan, add products to the shipment and send it to Amazon. If you prefer to create inbound shipments on Amazon, fetch them to Odoo using the Shipment ID

FBA Stock Adjustment

Amazon generates an Inventory Adjustment Report while making changes to the stock levels of your FBA Inventory. Automatically, fetch the report to Odoo and accordingly ensure stock adjustments to your Odoo warehouse

Removal Order Processing

Want to remove your inventory from FBA warehouses? Create a removal order in Odoo or Amazon, specify if you want to return it to a particular warehouse or dispose it and have the removal order processed in Odoo

Multi-Channel Fulfillment

Managing multiple sales channels using Amazon's MCF services? Don't worry, we got you covered. Prepare & submit the outbound order information from Odoo directly to Amazon's fulfillment centers

Seamless Automation

Don't worry about remembering to perform various routine Amazon operations by enabling automation features. Automate order import, stock synchronization, price update, invoice emails and much more

Multiple Seller Accounts

Expand your international presence by connecting multiple seller accounts to your Odoo Instance and multiple marketplaces per seller account

IAP Packs

* -The free usage for the first 6 months is applicable from the date of purchase of Amazon Odoo Connector (Price: €499).

User rights configuration

Create new seller in Odoo

Amazon Seller Account

Amazon MWS Developer Access Keys

Amazon MWS Credentials

MWS Merchant Token

Amazon Seller Account

Authorize third party developer

Authorize Developer

Manage Your Apps

MWS Auth Token

Merchant Token

Load Marketplace

Amazon Seller configuration

Create new marketplace

Configure scheduler

Other seller configurations

Order and return configuration

Sync active product report

Export csv file

Prepare for export

Export/Update Amazon Operations

Amazon Operations

stock field configuration

Product Image configuration

Auto create product configuration

Import order configuration fields

Amazon Orders

Package & tracking reference

Auto update tracking number

Import settlement report

Reconcile settlement report

Settlement report auto process configuration

Settlement report configuration

Cancel order in Amazon

Configure refund

Refund configuration changes

Auto create refund & return in refund process

Feed submission history

Amazon log book

Send invoice/credit note configuration

User Guide

Read User Guide

COPY LINK http://bit.ly/aoc-12-ug

Watch Video Tutorial

Create a Support Ticket

If you face any issues while using our app and the issue is arising due to our app, we provide you complementary support for a duration of 90 days from the date of purchase of the respective app.

To create a support ticket, please register on Emipro Support Desk and provide us necessary information to help you resolve the issue.

Emipro Support Desk

COPY LINK http://bit.ly/emipro-support-desk

Support Policy

COPY LINK http://bit.ly/support-policy-aoc

No, it is only a base app that enables you to avail our IAP service for the Amazon Odoo Connector. Buying and installing the base app of Odoo App Store will not let you use any of the features.

Yes, you will need to pay recurring fees in the form of IAP Packs for continuous usage of the app.

Yes, the app works perfectly well with Odoo Enterprise (On-premise and Odoo.SH) as well as Community. Odoo Online (Cloud) does not allow installation of third-party apps and hence this app cannot be installed on Odoo Online.

You can contact us to request a customization in the app.

Yes, you can avail a free upgrade & support services for the app. Kindly read our support policy to know the details.

Yes, the Amazon Odoo Connector supports integration with multiple seller accounts.

The Amazon Odoo Connector supports the following marketplaces:US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, India, Australia, Mexico, Japan, UAE, Turkey & Brazil.

No additional libraries are required to use this connector.

Yes, the connector applies correct VAT/TAX based on Origin or Destination, for which one just need to configure Taxes & Fiscal Positions in Odoo correctly.

Yes, the Amazon Odoo Connector supports Pan European FBA.

Yes, you can import past FBM as well as FBA Orders.

No, it is not possible to integrate Vendor Central Account with Odoo using this connector.

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Odoo Proprietary License v1.0
This software and associated files (the "Software") may only be used (executed,
modified, executed after modifications) if you have purchased a valid license
from the authors, typically via Odoo Apps, or if you have received a written
agreement from the authors of the Software (see the COPYRIGHT file).
You may develop Odoo modules that use the Software as a library (typically
by depending on it, importing it and using its resources), but without copying
any source code or material from the Software. You may distribute those
modules under the license of your choice, provided that this license is
compatible with the terms of the Odoo Proprietary License (For example:
LGPL, MIT, or proprietary licenses similar to this one).
It is forbidden to publish, distribute, sublicense, or sell copies of the Software
or modified copies of the Software.
The above copyright notice and this permission notice must be included in all
copies or substantial portions of the Software.

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Very good module and serious supplier
on 5/26/22, 7:02 AM

This module is very completed and gives you the chance to have a lot of informations automatically from the sellercentral.

Please take your time to see if you are able to set it all, otherwise don't waste your time and buy the Amazon success pack to have their support to set everything.

All the staff is very helpful and try to find any possible solution to any request.

They have also been very cooperative to adapt the module to our Italian fiscality!

We have worked hard all together, but finally we have reach a good level.

I think that in a couple of weeks also the last issues will be solved.

Re: Very good module and serious supplier
Emipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
on 5/27/22, 7:21 AM Author


It’s lovely to hear your positive feedback! We rely on customers like you to let us know what we’re doing right to continue to provide the best experience possible. Appreciate your time! 

Best Amazon Module Period!
Joseph Napoli
on 10/30/20, 8:47 AM

Our company has used several modules in the past.  Absolutely none work as efficiently as this one does.  The tight integration with Odoo and the EmiPro Shipstation module make it a go to.  Don't even consider anyone else for your Amazon requirements.  We have 12 virtual warehouses in several states and this module routes orders exactly where they need to go so we can manage one amazon instance across multiple P&L's.  I have hired EmiPro for many customized modules and their support is simply second to none.   

Re: Best Amazon Module Period!
Emipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
on 5/27/22, 7:37 AM Author

Hello Joseph,

We can’t thank you enough for the kind words about our solution. Your review means a lot to us and lets us know we’re on the right track!

Must Have for Anyone Selling Through FBA or FBM
Alan Young
on 9/8/20, 7:32 PM

We have been using this app for more than a year now.  I honestly don't know how anyone does seller central without it.  I cannot quantify the amount of time and money this app saves us.  I am reminded each time I see a settlement statement with more than a thousand lines get reconciled in a matter of minutes. There were some setup pains but the Emilro team was very good at helping us through the setup process.   This is simply a must have for anyone selling through Amazon.   Just an FYI, their price model has changed to a monthly, rather than a one-time price but it is still more than worth it.

Re: Must Have for Anyone Selling Through FBA or FBM
Emipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
on 5/27/22, 7:23 AM Author

Hello Alan,

Thank you very much for your encouraging comments. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience. 

Great tool - works perfect
alexander schafschetzy
on 4/30/20, 8:14 AM

we are using the amazon connector since nearly 4 years, and it works perfectly. Emipro has an excellent and fast support. We can absolutly recommand this extension and this team

Re: Great tool - works perfect
Emipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
on 5/27/22, 7:40 AM Author


We really appreciate the time you took to write such an encouraging review!

Top Team !
on 1/24/20, 11:04 AM

Very effective program. Hours saved on rather time-consuming tasks. Incredible support team. Fast, efficient and above all, available service. What more can you ask when you get stuck in several aspects of the installation? They won't let you go until it works for you. A team that still knows what the words "after-sales service" mean. At the top! I can only recommend their seriousness, professionalism and efficiency. Top team ! Véronique

Re: Top Team !
Emipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
on 5/27/22, 7:19 AM Author


Thank you for the kind words! It always makes our day to hear that people like you are satisfied with our solutions. Please get in touch if you have any other questions or comments.

Complete and well done solution - Excellent assistance
on 1/21/19, 8:33 AM

Soluzione completa e ben fatta - Ottima assistenza Modulo completo sotto tutti i punti di vista, anche relativamente semplice da configurare. Il team di assistenza di Emipro è composto da gente sempre molto gentile e disponibile ad aiutarti, rispondono sempre in poco tempo. Complete and well done solution - Excellent assistance Complete module from all points of view, even relatively simple to configure. The Emipro assistance team is made up of people who are always very kind and willing to help you, they always answer in a short time.

Re: Complete and well done solution - Excellent assistance
Emipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
on 5/27/22, 7:47 AM Author

Hello Antonio,

Thank you for giving us your valuable feedback. We really appreciate it. Kindly let us know if you have any further questions. 

Simply the best option
Yojimbo Estudio
on 12/14/18, 5:49 AM

If you need the best Odoo-Amazon solution stop searching, you will not find a better tool at better price. And don't forget the most important: Emipro team has an amazing support service. You will never feel alone cause they are allways available to help you. Thanks Emipro team for your work and effort :D

Re: Simply the best option
Emipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
on 5/27/22, 7:31 AM Author

Hello Yojimbo,

Thank you for the kind words. We are delighted to hear that you had such a great experience interacting with our customer support team. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any more questions, comments, or concerns.

on 5/29/20, 11:43 PM

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Amazon produces
Gabriel Welch
on 4/18/20, 1:45 AM

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Amazon produces
Gabriel Welch
on 4/18/20, 1:44 AM

Amazon produces an Inventory Adjustment Report while making changes to the stock degrees of your FBA Inventory. Naturally, get the report to Odoo and appropriately guarantee stock acclimations to your Odoo stockroom Quality Content Writing Services

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on 9/25/19, 6:00 AM

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Wes Shank
on 6/5/19, 10:55 AM

Is it possible that there is an error in the pricing of this module? I thought this was less than a $1000 US and the price now shows nearly 6,000 EURO. We've really enjoyed the other Empiro products we've purchased and would like this product but we can't afford over $8,000 US.

Jeffrey Creamer
on 4/15/19, 1:29 AM

This is Awesome