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Required Apps Website (website)
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Technical Name bureaucrat_helpdesk_lite
Also available in version v 11.0 v 15.0 v 13.0 v 14.0
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Required Apps Website (website)
Included Dependencies
Lines of code 22606
Technical Name bureaucrat_helpdesk_lite
Also available in version v 11.0 v 15.0 v 13.0 v 14.0

Bureaucrat Helpdesk Lite

Incident Management

License: OPL-1 docs docs CR&D

Bureaucrat Helpdesk module allows you to organize a company service desk. You can configure categories, types, stages, set up routes of requests and provide request handling.

This bundle consists of the following modules:

  • Generic Request - allows to configure and handle requests. You can read the Generic Request module guide for more information about requests configuration.
  • Website Service Desk - provides website interface for submiting requests by the users. Read the Website Service Desk module guide for more information.

This bundle has a most basic set of modules. For more advanced request configuration you need to install additional modules or another bundle.

We also have very useful modules to improve mail functions.

Main Features:

  • Custom requests types
  • Custom request categories/subcategories
  • Configurable stages and dynamic routes for every type of request
  • Use different colors for each request type, category
  • Workflow diagram
  • Kinds of request
  • Custom sequences for generating request names
  • Customers can submit requests from your website
  • Customers can attach documents. Images or screenshots can be attached by simply Ctrl+C => Ctrl+V
  • Customers can check status/log of submitted requests from the website
  • Internal chatter for User/Support communication
  • Planning activities
  • Requests's management using assignment to person/persons/team
  • Reassign requests, add followers to requests
  • Set priorities for requests / tickets. Even complex priorities supported (Impact + Urgency)
  • Automatically detect request channel when possible (E-Mail, API, Web, Website, etc)
  • Set tags on requests
  • Reopen requests with a new type
  • Track time spent on requests
  • Logging requests
  • ...

The main idea:

  • Administrator configures request settings (categories, types, etc.).
  • Users provides the necessary information about the incident step by step by selecting the categoty, type of request, and filling the required fields using the website interface.
  • Submitted requests step by step follow the route defined in request type until resolved.
  • On each request stage, various activities may be planned and responsible persons can be assigned.
  • Request operators are always keep in touch with the users while handling the requests.
  • All incidents are documented and tracked. Reports generated while managing the incidents allow defining the problem areas and create the ways for their preventing.

Set up requests


Submitting request by the user


Users can track requests on website


Requests processing


Schedule activities

schedule activity

Manage activities from the Activity View (only works in Odoo version 12)

activity view

Request's dynamic workflow


Reopen closed requests with a new type of request

In the request type/routes configuration, you can select allowed request types. Users will be able to reopen a closed request with these types.

type route configuration

When closing a request, a new 'Reopen as' option with the provided configuration will be available. This will create a new request.

reopen closed request

The Bureaucrat Helpdesk Lite bundle is part of the Bureaucrat ITSM project. You can try it by the links below.

Real examples of Service Desk / Helpdesk systems successfully implemented using Bureaucrat modules:

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Launch your own ITSM system in 60 seconds:

Create your own Bureaucrat ITSM database yodoo.systems


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This module is maintained by the Center of Research & Development company.

We can provide you further Odoo Support, Odoo implementation, Odoo customization, Odoo 3rd Party development and integration software, consulting services. Our main goal is to provide the best quality product for you.

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Thanks for your fast answer
on 2/21/20, 11:12 AM

I apologize for my bad comment, and I understand your explanations . I cannot change my first comment in a better way (or i didn't find the way to..) Anyway your extensions are still very expansive...

Re: Thanks for your fast answer
on 2/26/20, 9:10 AM Author

Hi, thanks for changing your comment. Can you allso update comment for 11.0 and 13.0 versions, please? Thanks

on 8/14/19, 9:59 AM

I tried to use third party helpdesks couple times, but none of them really worked as they should/as I wanted. This one works amazing and easy to use. Thanks to developers!

Be carefull !!
on 2/21/20, 8:35 AM

This module is absolutly no free ! For nothing (money) you have nothing ! To make it working with basic fonctionnality, you have to buy expensives addons (for example to receive a mail when a ticket is created you have to pay 100 € !!). So search other addons which will do more for less money...

Re: Be carefull !!
on 2/21/20, 10:34 AM Author

Hi, Thanks for your comment. It is possible to configure helpdesk lite to receive email on ticket create. By default, notification on request created will be sent to author of request (to confirm that request was created providing its number). If you want to receive notifications when request is created, then you need to subsicribe on Request Type (there is subscription type Request Created), and you will receive notification for each created request (in usual way odoo work). And yes, if you want to receive nice email with custom template, you need to buy addon Generic Request (Actions), that allows you to execute custom actions on different request events. But again, it is still possible to do same in free version: you only need to install base_automation module, and create standard odoo's automated action, that will call custom mail template. Few more things, we have regular releases that introduce new features and improvements, and a lot of improvements are maid to free versions. Just take a look at our latest release https://crnd.pro/blog/bureaucrat-itsm-1/post/new-bureaucrat-release-53. And it is essential that we want to get some benefit for our efforts. Additionally, we have good test coverage for our product (near 94%), and our code works well. We activelly support versions from 11.0 to 13.0 (including free version). Additionally, some times we move some paid features to our free app. For example in last release we have merged into core Request Kinds, and Priorities, that were paid before. In next release few more features will be merged into core, and new features will be added to paid versions. But thanks again for your comment, may be we will add some documentation on configuration of free version. Maybe not. But thanks. If you want to get more info on your question, please contact us at info@crnd.pro. With regards, CR&D Team

on 10/4/19, 10:59 PM

Should be great if kanban view was available for request

on 9/25/19, 2:55 AM

Is it supposed to send email when creating the ticket?

Re: Wonderful!
on 9/25/19, 3:17 AM Author

When you configure type of request, you can see a tab "Notifications". There is you can configure notifications settings.

lessc error: "Could not execute command 'lessc'"
Lyon Liang
on 8/7/19, 10:38 PM

My Odoo version 12.0, for this error I solved this problem based on following link: This could be solved: https://www.odoo.com/forum/help-1/question/what-does-this-error-mean-on-odoo-could-not-execute-command-lessc-60439 Suggest to add corresponding dependencies into __manifest__?