Cost Request Approval Workflow



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Required Apps Invoicing (account)
Purchase (purchase)
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Technical Name cost_request
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Required Apps Invoicing (account)
Purchase (purchase)
Lines of code 3364
Technical Name cost_request

Cost Request Approval Workflow

Would you like to have your costs under control? By using this module you will be able to plan your costs, to set approval teams and approval rules and to implement workflow of approving cost requests.

Plan your Budget
Set your Approval Teams
Approve Cost Requests


Define approval teams

Define your approval teams and with drag and drop define the order of approvals that have to be taken into consideration (first MArc Demo, second Mitchell Admin). Assign approval team to the analytical account (It means that all cost requests created for this analytical account will be approved by this team).

Define rules

In rules you can define the amount that has to be exceeded in cost request in order that cost request has to be approved by this person to which this rule is assigned.

Preparing the budget

You can create budget lines manually or you can upload a budget prepared in a predefined structure defined by the module.

For every analytical account you need to create a budget per business year. Save it.

Manual entries - you can enter values just in Edit mode

Upload budget lines - you can upload values just in Edit mode

To prepare a file use the structure from the button Download Budget Example. Enter the values in the file and save it on your computer.

Controlling the budget

Budget has several columns per month:
- XX B (budget amount)
- XX C (spent budget with cost requests)
- XX I (if the bill is higher than approved cost request, the value will be shown here)
- XX AB (available budget = budget - cost request - bills = available budget)

Predefined view is Available budget. You can control columns by using flags in Amount Budget, Amount CR, Amount over Invoice. You can also hide past months when moving through the year.

Creating cost request

Enter an Approval team that has to approve cost request and assign vendor and product lines.

Users have to enter an analytical account in every product line.

You can save a cost request and finalize it later. When it’s ready to go in the approval process press the button To approve. Status of cost request will be changed from Draft to Ready to Approve.

If there is no budget available user will get notification

Approving cost request

Every user can filter cost requests that have to be approved by him/her. Use a predefined filter My Approve Requests.

To approve a cost request, go into the cost request and use the button Approve or Reject.

When the cost request is approved by all responsible users it gets status Confirmed and Purchase Order is automatically created. Users can send it to vendors using standard Odoo functionalities.

There is a link between cost request and purchase order.

If the amount of cost request is lower than set in user rules, then cost request will be automatically confirmed by the system.

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