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Vanilla Backend Theme
NEWAY Solutions

Manage projects efficiently and perfectly with the unique application available in the market. Odoo Gantt View Project holds all the features to seamlessly modify the business. Gantt Native Web view,Gantt Native view for Projects,Gantt Native Exchange for Project,Gantt Native PDF Advance,Gantt Native view for MRP,Gantt Native view for Manufacture,Gantt Native view for Leave,Gantt Native view for Leave Holidays,Gantt Native,Gantt chart,Project Gantt View,Gantt view for Projects,Project Gantt Native Web View,Odoo Gantt View,Leaves Gantt View,HR Employee Holiday,Web Gantt Chart View,Web Gantt View for Project,Odoo Gantt View Manufacturing,Odoo Gantt View Time Off,Base for Gantt view,Meeting Gantt View,MRP Gantt View,Manufaturing Gantt View,Gantt View Base,Odoo Gantt View Base,Web Gantt View,Odoo Gantt,Manufacturing Gantt,Gantt View Pro,Gantt Chart Project,Odoo Project Gantt Chart,Odoo Project Gantt View,Gantt View for Project Task,Gantt chart on the web,Gantt Native Report for Project,Track Leaves,Plan Leaves,ksolves gantt view,gantt chart widget view,Web gantt view for projects,Gantt View for Project tasks,Gantt view for Project Issue,fastest Gantt chart,project management,Manage leaves,leave dependencies,Planning view,Gantt Tasks,Odoo Web Gantt chart view,Odoo Project Web Gantt Chart View,All in one Odoo gantt view,Odoo Gantt Chart, Odoo Construction, Odoo Manufacturing,Gantt chart view,Project Web Gantt,Gantt View Base module,Gantt View App,Gantt view to Odoo 14,Gantt view to Odoo 15,Odoo timeoff

Odoo Gantt View Project
Ksolves India Ltd.

Login with Okta Okta SSO okta okta odoo login okta mfa multi factor authentication with okta

Okta Single Sign On (SSO)
Nexus Software Labs

Enhanced RESTful API access to Odoo resources with (optional) predefined and tree-like schema of response Odoo fields ============================ Tags: restapi, connector, connection, integration, endpoint, endpoints, route, routes, call method, calling method, openapi, oauth, swagger, webhook, webhooks, report, reports


Connect xero with Odoo xero Connector xero Odoo Integration Xero sync Xero Connector with REST API xero accounting Odoo xero integration odoo xero accounting integration sync data between zero and odoo integrate XERO with ODOO OAuth 2.0

Xero Odoo Connector | Xero-Odoo Connector [OAuth2.0]
Softhealer Technologies

Doc report and docx report - Use MS Word template to design reports

Docx Report - Populating MS Word templates
Dev Happy

User Log, Log Report, Record Log, Record Info, Record Information, User Activity, Record History, Log History

User Activity Audit

Salesforce Odoo Connect Salesforce with Odoo Salesforce Connector Salesforce Odoo Integration Sales force Odoo Sales force Connector Salesforce API Salesforce Integration 2 way Sales Force connector Odoo Sales Force Odoo connector

Salesforce - Odoo Connector
Softhealer Technologies

odoo hubspot connector odoo hubspot integration hubspot crm hubspot sync hubspot lead hubspot contact hubspot company hubspot all in one website hide any menu three level approve Tripple Approve Task Checklist website document attachment

HubSpot Odoo Connector
Workflow Customization Powerfully 16.0,强大的自定义工作流解决方案
<Jon alangwansui@qq.com>

Login as/impersonate another user, Login As, Other Users, Admin Users, Administrator, Super User, Portal User, Portal Hijack

Login as another user

Legal Case Management, Law Firm ERP, Legal & Law Practice Management, Law ERP Module, Manage Law Cases App, Law Matter Management System, Track Law Cases With Full Step, Handle Law Acts, Law Articles Management Odoo

Law Management System
Softhealer Technologies

Integrate Odoo Office 365 to streamline all of your office operations and business procedures effectively and simply. Work with Office 365 applications while reaping the benefits of smart integration. Odoo Office 365 Connectors, Office 365 Connectors, Odoo Office 365 Connector, Odoo Office365 Connector, Office 365, Odoo Office 365, Odoo Integration, API Office 365 Task, Office 365 Mail, Office 365 Contact, Office 365 Calendar, All In One Office 365, Odoo and Office365, Sync Calendar, Sync Contact, API Office 365, Office 365 Task, Office365, Microsoft Office 365, Odoo ERP, Microsoft SSO, Odoo Office 365, Microsoft Integration, Contact Synchronization, Office 365 Synchronization.

Office365 Base
Ksolves India Ltd.

The tool to design, generate, and periodically send reports and reminders. Report designer. List generator. Auto reminders

Periodic Reporting and Reminders

Product inventory card report Inventory Ledger Card Report where users can track running balance after every transaction of all warehouses and real calculations. Stock card report, Inventory card report, stock ledger, running balance, Stock movement, stock rotation

Setu Inventory Card Report
Setu Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.

One2many field can display as a sublist in list view

One2many Sublist
Dmmsys 124358678@qq.com

Default Make QR Module,New Product QR Generate App,Existing Product QR Generate Application, Existing Multi Product QR Create, Custom Product QR Generator,Product QRCode Generator,QRCode Product Odoo

Product QR Code Generator
Softhealer Technologies

Get Backend PWA App, Build PWA Backend App From Website, Progressive Web Apps Backend Module, Make Backend PWA From Odoo, Create PWA Backend Application Odoo

PWA (Progressive Web Application) Backend
Softhealer Technologies

Barcode Scanner Package,Sales Barcode Scanner,Purchase Barcode Scanner Module,Account Barcode Scanner,Stock Barcode Scanner,BOM Barcode Scanner,Request For Quotation Barcode Scanner,Bill Barcode Scanner,PO Barcode Scanner,RFQ Barcode Scanner Odoo

All In One Barcode Scanner-Advance| Sale Order Barcode Scanner | Purchase Order Barcode Scanner | Invoice Barcode Scanner | Inventory Barcode Scanner | Bill Of Material Barcode Scanner | Scrap Barcode Scanner | Warehouse Barcode Scanner
Softhealer Technologies

All in One WhatsApp Integration with Odoo

All In One WhatsApp Odoo Integration
InTechual Solutions