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POS lot selection pos barcode lot selection on point of sale lot selection for pos automatic lot selection for point of sales lot selection pos unique lot selection point of sale unique lot selection pos serial number selection for point of sale serial

POS Auto Lot Selection With Barcode

Provide loyalty points on every purchase to your customers with some redemption benefits in Point Of Sale.

POS Loyalty & Rewards Program
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

Allows the POS user to view all the pos statistics in the form of graphs and data.

POS Dashboard
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

This module allows the seller to apply discount on single product as well as complete order in pos session.Order Discount|Discount on Products|Discounted Products.

POS Custom Discount
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

Edit Point Of Sale receipt from Odoo backend interface. Many free templates included

Aimé Jules Andrinirina

POS Order Return,POS Order Exchange,Point Of Sale Order Return,Point Of Sale Order Exchange,POS Return,POS Exchange,POS Return Exchange,Point Of Sale Return,Point Of Sale Exchange,POS Product Exchange,POS Product Return Odoo

Point Of Sale Order - Exchange & Return | Point Of Sale Product Exchange | Point Of Sale Product Return
Softhealer Technologies

Close session from POS,It manage cash control while closing the session,It also print Z report(end of the session report) and send close session report via email to selected users.

POS Close Session (Community)
Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Point Of Sales discount Coupons POS Gift Vouchers Discount website Discount Coupons website gift Discount pos discount website discount POS promo Discount pos offer discount point of sales Vouchers point of sales gifts discount pos Vouchers website voucher

Discount Coupons and Gift voucher for POS and Website

App used for pos several products for sale as one combined product in POS product combo pos product pack pos pack pos bundle pos pack pos combo pack point of sales combo pack pos item combo pos item pack pos combo offer pos bundle product

POS Combo in Odoo

Point Of Sales discount on POS Discount Amount Display POS Discount Coupons POS Custom Discount pos fix discount pos offers POS Global Discount point of sales fixed POS global Discount on POS order Discount on POS Discount Coupons on pos

POS Discount Percentage and Fixed Amount in Odoo

Allows user to print X-Report, Z-Report, Sales Summary report, Product Summary Report,Order Summary Report,Payment Summary Report and Session & Inventory Audit Report.

POS Reports (Enterprise)
Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Allows to set multi currency pricelist in POS.

Pos Multi Currency Pricelist
ErpMstar Solutions

Show Product Stock on POS Screen, Set Location and as per Selected Location show stock on POS screen, POS Item count Show in POS Screen Order line, Show Low Stock Product List in POS

POS Stock in Odoo
Icon TechSoft Pvt. Ltd.

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All In One POS Reports || POS Reports
OMAX Informatics

Allows you to merge table order.

Pos Merge Table Orders

Allows you to sell one products in different unit of measure.

Pos multi UOM with Barcode
ErpMstar Solutions

This module allows to make custom POS Receipt.Custom Receipt|POS Ticket|Design Receipt|Design Custom XML Receipt.

POS Receipt Design
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

Apply service charges on POS order charges pos services charge pos charges service point of sales service charges pos extra charges pos additional pos charges service tax pos service tax pos tax service charges POS service management all on one pos service

POS Service Charge in odoo

This module Allows you to print POS receipts directly using Bluetooth, Built-in, USB or IP Printer on SUNMI/Android devices

POS Bluetooth/Built-in Printer

POS Customer Display Screen

POS Customer Display
TL Technology