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Import purchase order Data App for import purchase order import purchase order import purchase data import PO excel import purchase from excel import purchase order from csv import mass purchase order import bulk purchase order line import

Import Purchase Order from Excel or CSV File in odoo
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Product Purchase Requisition for employee product Requisition for users manufacturing product Requisition manufacturing Requisition for product Requisition picking Requisition purchase material Requisition Requisition manufacturing material Requisition

Product/Material Purchase Requisitions by Employees/Users in odoo
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purchase discount purchase order discount invoice discount on line percentage based discount fixed discount on purchase order line purchase invoice discount vendor bill discount on invoice line vendor bill discount All in one Discount sale invoice discount

Purchase and Vendor Bills Discount in odoo
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This apps helps to Covert Purchase order from Sales Order

Convert Purchase from Sales Order

Easy to add custom field on purchase Form Add custom field on purchases Form add custom field on PO custom field quotation custom fields add custom fields on RFQ view edit purchase model edit purchase view edit purchase form edit purchase view

Add Custom Fields on Purchase Order Form
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Mass purchase send by email mass purchase order send by email mass purchases order send by email multiple purchase order send by email multiple purchases send by email multiple purchase order send by email multiple purchases order send by email

Mass Purchase Order Send by Email
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Purchase confirmation date purchase order confirmation date backdate purchase confirmation force date on purchase order confirmation date purchase confirmation back date purchase confirm back date purchase confirm backdate purchase order confirmation date

Purchase Confirmation Force Date - Back Date in Odoo
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purchase triple approve purchase order tripple Validation Approval purchase three approval process purchase triple validation purchase order double approval purchase approval workflow purchase order triple approval purchase manager approval 3step purchase

Purchase Tripple Approval validation Process
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Apps helps Quick Add mass Products on purchase Quick Add Products on purchase quick product add Quick add-to-cart multiple Products purchase order line quick add mass Products purchase order quick add mass Products easy add mass Products on purchase order

Quick Add Multiple Product on Purchase in Odoo
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