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Database for packaging materials.

Environmental tax
Editor d.o.o.

Automatically Create and Post Invoice When Sale Order is confirmed

Auto Create Invoice
Hyperthink Systems Kenya

Remove the salesperson from autosubscribed sale followers

Sale Order Disable User Autosubscribe
Camptocamp SA , Odoo Community Association (OCA)

Allows you to apply margin percentage globally on the quotation and sales orders.

Sales Global Margin
Abrus Digital

This module is used to show Product variant sizing in matrix for view in sale order specially for * Textile industry, * Shoe industry, etc... | sale | matrix |size |product | Size | Product | Matrix | Sale | Sale Product | Size Matrix | Size Product |sale product | size matrix.

Sale Product Size Matrix
Kanak Infosystems LLP.
MercadoLibre Productive Suite
Moldeo Interactive

Min-Max Price on Sale Order

Min-Max Prices on Sales Order

Send Mail Before Expiry Date of the Product

Product Expiry Email Notification
Bizople Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Plugin will help to restict duplicate lead, unique lead, check duplicate lead, check duplicate pipline, opportunity, restrict duplicate opportunity, restict opportunity, duplicate opportunity, restrict duplicate opportunity, duplicate lead

Unique Lead Alert
OM Apps

Plugin will help to restict duplicate sale, unique sale, check duplicate sale, check duplicate sale order line, Sale order, sale order line, restrict duplicate order line, restict sale line, duplicate sale order, duplicate sale order line, restrict duplicate order

Unique Sale Alert
OM Apps

Plugin will help to restict duplicate contact, unique contact, check duplicate contact, check duplicate partner, contact, restrict duplicate partner, restict partner, duplicate customer, restrict duplicate customer

Unique Contact Alert
OM Apps

Plugin will help to restict duplicate product or product variants, unique product, check duplicate product, product, product variants

Unique Product Alert
OM Apps

Plugin will help to restict to duplicate internal reference or product code. unique product code, unique internal reference, product code, internal reference, individual product code, restict product code, restict internal reference, unique default code

Unique Product Code / Internal Reference
OM Apps

Plugin will help to add multiple barcode in product and product variants, multi barcode, multiple barcode, product many barcode, bulk barcode, search multiple barcode

Product Multiple Barcode
OM Apps

All sale order reports sale day wise report sale day book report sale payment report product sale summary report sale details report top customer report sales excel report sale xls report sale category report all in one sale order report all sales reports

All in One Sales Report in Odoo

Allow filter Invoice line attributes on invoice form

Filter Search on Inovice Line Tree View
Init Co. Ltd

Quick Task Create from Sale Order create task from sale order add task from sale create task from sales quick task from sales quickly create task from sales create task from sale order task creation task from sales order create tasks from sale order

Quick Create Task from Sales Order

Sale Analytic Account Sale analytic tag sale order analytic tag on sale order tag analytic tag on sales order analytic tag sales analytic tag add analytic tag on sale order line analytic tag on order line analytic tag on sales order line

Sale Order Analytic Tags

Sale Advance payment purchase advance payment advance sale payment advance purchase payment sale down payment purchase down payment advance down payment for sales advance down payment for purchase sale purchase advance payment for sale purchase advance

Advance Down Payment for Sales and Purchase

Apply Global Discount Based on Value

Global Discount Based On Value
Hyperthink Systems Kenya