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Responsive web client, community-supported

Web Responsive
LasLabs , Tecnativa ,
28 30892

The website allows for the creation of tickets, which can then be controlled from the backend. Furthermore, a bill that includes the service charge can be generated for the ticket for odoo community Edition version 17.

Website Helpdesk Support Ticket Management
Cybrosys Techno Solutions

Whisperchat is an AI-powered search bar and chatbot platform that helps users find answers quickly and easily. It allows businesses to enhance their customer service by building a smart chatbot that can instantly answer visitors' queries. With Whisperchat, you can create an account, install the chatbot on your website, and provide answers to common customer questions. The platform also offers features like easy training, data versatility, chatbot customization, effortless integration, and conversation analytics. AI website chatbot, Dedicated AI chatbot for websites, Support agent AI chatbot, ChatGPT Support Agent for Your Business, Train ChatGPT on Your Website Data, AI chatbot builder, live chatbot, chatgpt website, chatgpt odoo, odoo AI, customer support,

AI Chatbot | ChatGPT Live chat Support with your own data | AI powered chatbot with custom knowledge
Terabits Technolab

ChatGpt Odoo AI Center. Multi Ai aigc support with Ali Qwen Ai, Azure Ai, Baidu Ai,etc.. Support chatgpt 4 32k, Integration All ChatGpt Api and Azure OpenAI. Easy Chat channel with several ChatGPT Robots and train.

ChatGPT4, China Ali,AiGC Center.Ai服务中心,聚合全网Ai