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Calculate Commission for sales person based on Products, Based on Product Category, Based on Amount, Based on Percentage and Target Based Commission.

Sales Commission
Harhu IT Solutions

Website Contact management portal contact management website customer profile contact profile partner on website partner

Website Contact management
Equick ERP

This module will allow user to add or remove cash directly from pos screen itself. petty cash, petty cash report, petty cash receipt, petty cash statement, point of sale, point of sale cash, point of sale cashbox, petty, add money, remove money, put money, put cash, input cash,add cash,take money, remove money,remove cash, cash statement,receipt statement, pos statement, money statement, pos transactions,pos transaction,pos transfers,cashbox,add cashbox, remove cashbox,open cashbox,generate cash receipt,print cash, print cash receipt, pos cash in, pos cash out, cash in, cash out, put in, take out, put in cash, take out cash, put in money, take out money, pos transcation, cash in transcation, cash out transcation,

POS Cash In & Out
Aktiv software

Geminate comes with a feature of grouping based on analytic accounts for balance sheet and profit & loss pdf reports and excel sheet reports in backend (Admin Users). it will tabularize all financial data from different charts of accounts under each analytic account based on journal items.

Profit & Loss + Balance Sheet Analytic Account Group Report Connector
Geminate Consultancy Services

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