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Phase-2 of ZATCA e-Invoicing(Fatoorah): Integration Phase, its include solution for KSA business

KSA Zatca Phase-2

The tool to build a deep and structured knowledge base for internal and external use. Knowledge System. KMS. Wiki-like revisions. Knowledge management solution. Notion features. Docket features. Helpdesk knowledge. Collaborative library. Knowledge-based. Internal wiki. Documentation online. Knowledge online.

KnowSystem: Knowledge Base System
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Manage and visualise your projects with the fastest Gantt chart on the web.

Gantt View PRO
Bryntum AB
Odoo nShift Shipping Connector

Generates 3CX CRM Template and fully integrate it in Odoo: - Contact Search/Create - Call Log - Livechat Log - Open Contact Page

3CX CRM Template full integration

From ChatRoom main view Search & Send Product. With ChatGPT OpenAI and Sale Funnel. Send message from many places with Templates (Sale, Invoice, Purchase, CRM Leads, Product, Stock Picking, Partner). Like AmoCRM, Kommo, Hubspot, Zendesk. Online translator. Reminders. Text search in messages. apichat.io GupShup Chat-Api ChatApi. Whatsapp, Instagram DM, FaceBook Messenger. ChatRoom 2.0.

ChatRoom BASE Whatsapp - Messenger - Instagram. Live Chat. Real All in One with ChatGPT OpenAI and Sale Funnels. Online translator.
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Power BI Connector

Odoo Power BI Connector
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

Xero Connector with REST API Xero Odoo Integration App xero accounting odoo xero connector odoo xero integration odoo xero accounting integration accounting app

Xero Integration OAuth 2.0 REST API
Pragmatic TechSoft Pvt Ltd.

Property Sale & Rental Management

Advanced Property Sale & Rental Management | Real Estate | Property Sales | Property Rental | Property Management
TechKhedut Inc.
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Google Looker studio, look, looker data sources, analytics, analytic, analysis, report, reports, chart, charts, dashboard, dashboards, tableau, power bi cloud, powerbi cloud, KPI, kpis, slicer, slicers, graph, graphs, bar graph, forecasting, forcasting, prediction, google, datastudio, data studio, data refresh, gateway, data gateway, refresh, schedule, scheduled,AI, ML, artificial, artificial intelligence, intelligence, intelligent, sale forecasting, sales forecasting, inventory, datasource, data source, sources, community, connector, excel, spreadsheet, SAS, Qlik, Qlik VIew, QlikView, KNIME, python, spark, apache, apache spark, sisense, talend, ibm, zoho, domo, klip folio, klipfolio, bigdata, big data, google data studio, datastudio, google datastudio, connectors, odoo connector, odoo connecter, connecter, odoo connectors, odoo analytics, odoo ai, odoo dahboard, odoo powerbi, odoo power bi, tableau, connecter, datasources, google bigquery, big query, AI Dashboard, Google AI, AI analytics, Looker studio, data studio, dashboard ai, dashboard with ai, connecter, ai connector, connector ai, data hub, data lake, machine learning, ML, artificial intelligence, AI reports,. powerbi, Powerbi connector, power bi connector, power bi data, powerbi data, odoo power bi connection. Odoo Dashboard, CRM Dashboard, Inventory Dashboard, Sales Dashboard, Account Dashboard, Invoice Dashboard, Revamp Dashboard, Best Dashboard, Odoo Best Dashboard, Odoo Apps Dashboard, Best Ninja Dashboard, Analytic Dashboard, Pre Configured Dashboard, Create Dashboard, Beautiful Dashboard, Customized Robust Dashboard, Predefined Dashboard, Multiple Dashboards, Advance Dashboard, Beautiful Powerful Dashboards, Chart Graphs Table View, All In One Dynamic Dashboard, Accounting Stock Dashboard, Pie Chart Dashboard, Modern Dashboard, Dashboard Studio, Dashboard Builder, Dashboard Designer, Odoo Studio. Azure

Looker Studio Connector

Odoo Google Merchant Center Integration | Google Shopping | Product Data Feed | Free listings | Shopping ads | Odoo Google Shopping feed

Odoo Google Merchant Center Product Data Feeds
Garazd Creation

General Ledger Trial Balance Ageing Balance Sheet Profit and Loss Cash Flow Dynamic Analytic Reproting

All in one Dynamic Financial Reports v17
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Develop generalize method to process different operations & auto workflow process to manage order process automatically.

Common Connector Library
Emipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Point of Sale payment Integration with Pax Device No Need POSbox or IOTbox Payment Information send direct POS Screen to Pax Device

POS Integration Pax Device Terminal
TL Technology

The cash Forecast solution calculates and allows end users to know the available cash in the upcoming future considering the Opening balance, all cash receipts, and all cash expenditures. cash forecasting, cash flow forecasting, cash in, cash out, expense, forecast budget, liquidity risk management, cash needs, inflow, outflow, payment, in payment, out payment, chart of accounts, forecast finance, forecast cash flow, net income, depreciation, inventory, receivable, payable, fixed asset, opening balance, closing balance, income, expenses, net forecast, total cash in, total cash out, opening forecast, closing forecast, recurring forecast, real forecast, cash forecast analysis, treasure, cash analytic, advance cash planning, cash capital, cashin, cashout, treasury analysis, cashflow management, cash flow management,

Cash & Budget Forecasting
Setu Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.

List view search,Global Search,Quick Search,Search engine,advance filter,Field Search, advanced search,Tree view,document management system,Resize columns,Export Current View, auto suggestion,Hide column,show column,rename column,reorder column

List View Manager
Ksolves India Ltd.
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Extra features for free 'Mail Messages Easy' app Show Lost Message, Move Message, Reply, Forward, Move, Edit or Delete from Chatter, Filter Messages in Chatter

Mail Messages Easy Pro: Show Lost Message, Move Message, Reply, Forward, Move, Edit or Delete from Chatter, Filter Messages in Chatter
Cetmix , Ivan Sokolov
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Multiple Branch Management Multi Branch app Multiple Unit multiple Operating unit sales branch Sales Purchase branch Invoicing branch billing Voucher branch warehouse branch Payment branch Accounting Reports for single company Multi Branches multi company

Multiple Branch Unit Operation Setup for All Applications Odoo
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Advance Vehicle Repair Management

Advance Vehicle Repair | Vehicle Inspection | Fleet Repair | Car Repair | Automobile Services
TechKhedut Inc.

Odoo SaaS Script Software as a Service Saaskit saas script software odoo saas odoo saaskit odoo saaskit software pragmatic saaskit saas pack cloud Odoo SaaS Kit odoo_saas_kit saas business

Odoo SAAS Rocket Kit All in One
Pragmatic TechSoft Pvt Ltd.