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This module is used to create booking, review booking and assign booking.|Custom Booking|Modified Booking|Booking Mangement|Booking

POS Booking Management
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

The module allows you to round the amount in the POS order manually or set it for automatic to make the payments faster and easier for customers.Rouding|Round Off|Rounding Amount|Custom Rounding

POS Rounding Off Amount
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

Point Of Sales discount Coupons POS Gift Vouchers Discount website Discount Coupons website gift Discount pos discount website discount POS promo Discount pos offer discount point of sales Vouchers point of sales gifts discount pos Vouchers website voucher

Discount Coupons and Gift voucher for POS and Website

POS combo POS combine product pos product combo pos pizza modifier pos product modifier pos pizza combo meal pos combo meal pos meal modifier pos meal product pos make own pizza pos combo maker pos combo modifier pos customize pizza pos customise combo

POS Pizza Combo Maker/Modifier

The module allows you to save and display the Odoo POS user signature on receipt and on the order in the Odoo backend.Signature|Customer Signature|Custom Signature|Modified Signature

POS Signature
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

point of sales multi currency payment POS Multiple Currency payment pos payment different currency allow multi currency payment on POS MultiCurrency payment in Point of Sale MultiCurrency payment pos pay order with different two currency pos Payment Multi Currency payment on pos

POS Multi Currency payment in Odoo

POS ALL REPORTS, POS All In One Reports, POS Reports, POS Custom Reports, POS Z Report, POS Session Z Report, Logo & Barcode on POS Receipt, Pos Barcode Receipt, POS Logo Receipt, Pos Receipt, Pos logo on Pos Receipt, Company address in Pos Receipt, Barcode(Order number) on POS Receipt, Point of Sale Receipt, pos logo barcode Receipt, Shows logo and barcode on POS Receipt, Barcode In POS Report, POS Receipt Barcode, Barcode POS Receipt, Point Of Sale Report, POS Day Wise Product Sales Report, POS Day Wise Product Sale Report, POS Weekdays Report, POS Weekly Report, Daily POS Product Sales Report, Weekly POS Product Sales Report, Weekly POS Report, Weekly Product Sales Report, Weekly Product Report, POS Day Wise Sales Report, POS Day Wise Sale Report, POS Week days Report, POS Week Day Report, Payment Method Report, Point Of Sale Report, POS Payment Report, POS Payment Method Wise Report, Daily POS Payment Report, Payment Method Wise POS Report, Payment Wise POS Report Point Of Sale Tax Report, Point Of Sale Taxes Report, Tax Report, POS Tax Report, POS Taxes Report, POS Tax Details, POS Taxes Details, Point Of Sale Tax Details, Point Of Sale Taxes Details, Tax Details, POS Tax Receipt, POS Taxes Receipt, POS Tax Summary Receipt, POS Taxes Summary Receipt, POS Tax Summary Report, POS Taxes Summary Report, POS Session P&L Report, POS Session Profit & Loss Report, POS Margin Profit and Analysis Report, POS Report, POS Session Report, POS Profit in Sale Detail, POS Profit Report, Daily profit report, POS Margin Report, P&L Report, Profit & Loss Report, Profit and Loss Report, Point Of Sale P&L Report, Point Of Sale Session Report, Margin Report, Cost Price, POS Margin And Analysis, Profit in POS Order Analysis Report, Product Profitability Report, POS Order Report, POS Session Order Report, POS Report, POS Delivery Order Report, POS Session Delivery Order Report, POS Delivery Report, POS Session Delivery Report, POS Picking Report, POS Session Picking Report, POS Invoice Report, POS Session Invoice Report, POS Detailed Report, POS Session Detailed Report, POS Custom Report, POS Reports, POS Session Reports, Shop Invoice Report, Shop Report, Shop Delivery Order Report, Shop Delivery Report, Point Of Sale Report, Point Of Sale Session Report, POS Bracode Report, Session Barcode Report, Point Of Sale Barcode Report, POS Session Barcode Report, POS Session Summary Report, Point Of Sale Summary Report, Shop Summary Report, POS Session Payment Report, Session Payment Report, Point Of Sale Payment Report, POS Summary Report,

All In One POS Reports || POS Reports
OMAX Informatics

This apps helps you set salesperson on pos orderline from pos interface | POS Orderline User | Assign Sales Person on POS | POS Sales Person

POS Salesperson
Preway IT Solutions
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Way to Add Service Charge Automatically in Point of Sale, Odoo POS Service Charge, Odoo Service Charge, Odoo POS Tips, Odoo Tips, Odoo POS Charges, Odoo Charges, Fixed Service Charge, Service Charge by Percentage

POS Auto Service Charge

Product tag on pos product tag apply product tag on pos product filter by tag pos tag filter pos product tag filter apply tag filter on pos tag point of sale tag point of sale product tag pos order filter by tag pos order tag product tag on pos filter tag

Advance POS Products Tags

App point of sales product template POS Product Multi variant pos product attributes pos product variants pos product multiple template point of sale product template item variant pos product variant pos product template pos multiple product variants

POS Product Variants/template in Odoo

POS Extra Access Rights Restrict Access Point Of Sale POS Disable Customer Button POS Deny Numpad POS Restrict Plus-Minus Buttons POS Disable Quantity Button POS Discount Disable POS Payment Button Disable POS Disable Price POS Access Rights Odoo

Point Of Sale Access Rights
Softhealer Technologies

Apps manage point of sale orders from the POS screen pos all order list pos order list pos list point of sales list Pos All Orders List on POS screen pos orderlist pos all orderlist list pos list orders pos all orders display pos orders list pos all orders

All pos orders list in Odoo

POS Cache Management Update Product Real Time Product Update Customer Real Time Update Customer Load Fast POS Loading Update Contacts On Refresh Update Contact On Refresh Update Products On Refresh Update Product On Refresh POS Quick Load Odoo

Point Of Sale Advance Cache
Softhealer Technologies

Allows to use discount coupons and promotions in pos orders

POS Coupons & Promotions
Synconics Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

POS Product Toppings Topping Group With Topping Products Add Multiple Toppings In Cart Product Global Toppings In Cart Product Print Toppings On Receipt Mass Update Product Mass Product Update Pizza Modifier Food Modifier Product Update Odoo

POS Product Modifier
Softhealer Technologies

Allows you to print Z report by thermal printer and normal printer.

POS Z Report

POS customer extra details pos customer extra fields pos customer extra information pos contact extra details pos extra fields pos partner extra field point of sales extra fields point of sales customer extra information pos customer extra details on pos

POS Customer Custom Fields/Extra Fields

This module allows you to create quotations in pos.

POS Quotations

App Credit Payment on POS and adjust POS payment pos partial payment point of sale partial payment point of sales credit payment pos credit payment pos wallet payment POS customer credit payment POS Customer Wallet pos credit payment pos partial credit

POS Customer Credit Payment Odoo App