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Technical name ohrms_core
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Included Dependencies Open HRMS Loan Management
Open HRMS Advance Salary
Open HRMS Loan Accounting
Open HRMS Employees From User
Open HRMS Employee Info
Open HRMS Branch Transfer
Open HRMS Leave Request Aliasing
Open HRMS Employee Documents
Open HRMS Official Announcements
Open HRMS Employee Appraisal
Open HRMS Reminders Todo
Open HRMS Multi-Company

Open HRMS Core

The Complete HR Solution

Cybrosys Technologies


A simple, easy to use and intuitive tool helping employees and management to perform in full potential, boosting the productivity and overall employee satisfaction. Open HRMS offers a 360 degree overview of employee and their skills.


No additional configuration is required.


HR Dashboard
Salary Advance
Interactive Theme
HR Multi Company
Shift Management
Loan Management
Employee Reminders
Employee Branch Transfer
Advanced Employee Master
Biometric Device Automation
Appraisal Plans & Strategies
HR Announcements
Employee Insurance
Resignation Process
Vacation Management
Law Suit Management
Appreciations & Memos
Entry & Exit Checklist
HR Documents Management
Custody/Property Management
Automation on Leave Request Mails.

Open HRMS Theme

Attractive Open HRMS theme makes a bow.


Keep your eyes on your whole analysis.

Multi Company

Manage multi branch employees easily.

Work Shift Management

Create and manage employee work shifts.

Automate new shift schedule according to the shift sequence.

Loan Management

Configure different loan policies, Assign approval authority, Conduct verification process and sanctioning of employee loan.

Salary Advance

Configure advance salary rules, Set advance salary limits, Minimum number of days, & Provide advance salary to employees.

Records Related Reminders

Reminder sets alarm to recall every important dates. 'Bell' symbol beside the chat icon will bring your reminder pop ups. You can set reminders to any model (eg: Sales,HR,Project etc..) and also their corresponding date fields to compare. Eases company to memorize the special dates.

Employee Branch Transfer

You can transfer your employees to another branches without any pain.

Appraisal Plans & Strategies

Utilize the best of your human resource pool. Implement appraisal strategies to keep the motivational and performance level of your employees high. Ensures Top Down and Bottom-up evaluation plans and giving timely feedback and complements for the accomplishments.

Updated Employee Master

Advanced fields on employee form. Such as family information, joining date, passport and ID expiry date with its expiry notifications.

Citizenship Details, Related Proofs, Emergency Contacts etc...

Employee Insurance Management

Efficiently manages the insurance allowances with the salary.

Employee Documents Management

Documents in Employee Form.

Keep the employee related documents with expiry notification.

Entry & Exit Checklist

A person has to undergo all configured checklist items before being admitted/resigned. Corresponding Percentpie will be shown in employee form view.

Resignation Process

Employees can draft their resignation. Higher authorities can timely do the needful via rejecting/ accepting the resignation statement.

HR Announcements

Managing Official Announcements, Greetings, Warnings, Rewards etc..

Custody/Property Management

Manages custody handling process on company assets like Laptop, Camera, Devices etc.. Option to renew the requests & take the reports.

Automation on Leaves Requests Mails

Creates leave request automatically from incoming email.

Vacation Management

Extending Holiday Management with extra features adaptable for managing employees vacation.

Law Suit Management

Manages legal actions and its reports.

Selective Approach

Open HRMS is keeping selective approach. You can install its other features as plugins from settings menu.


Most advanced open source HR management software

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