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Required Apps Invoicing (account)
Lines of code 2773
Technical Name scs_freight
Also available in version v 13.0 v 12.0
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Required Apps Invoicing (account)
Lines of code 2773
Technical Name scs_freight
Also available in version v 13.0 v 12.0

Freight Management

This module helps you to manage all freight operations by Air, Ocean, and Land.it is a comprehensive system to manage all aspects of your freight operations.

Freight Operatiion (Direct)

Menuitem: Freights -> Shipping -> Direct Shipping

This modules Provide functionality to manage your transportation with each and every Details. Easy to use and increase your business growth with this module..

Provided some smart button for direct check the used service for particular order and also check the invoice and bill for this order

Some normal button available to using them we can create the invoice and bill.

Freight Order Line

Add order line. Select any container suitable for the shipping.

Based on Price List and Billing On field calculate the cost of the order. That's highlighted in image.

Freight Account Info

Provide account information in single view. Now we no need to go in invoice menu and check manually. We can directly check the total amount Receivable and Payable of order from Account tab.

Freight Operation Routes

Define the routes of shipping. When we confirm the order it's automatically create the main route for your order using Loading Port and Discharging Port.

We can also able to add more routes based on provided service for the operation and add services inside the routes.

Freight Operation Services

If we provide extra service to customer for shipping then we can add it in service tab and calculate it in invoice

Freight Operation Tracking

We set the history of the shipping location. Add location with activity and date so user can easily get the idea about his shipment.

Based on this history end user will be track their own order.

Custom Clearance Activity

Menuitem: Freights -> Custom Activity -> Custom Clearance

If we need any custom clearance related to shipment we can manage it easily. When we confirm it automatically send mail to agent with attachments.

We also provide functionality for clearance revision. Incase clearance is not success then we easily send again to agent via one click on revision button. Revision button is highlighted in image.

Also available smart button for the check revision of particular clearance

Custom Clearance Revision Reason

When we send clearance in revision popup the wizard. That ask reason of revision.

Custom Clearance Revision

Menuitem: Freights -> Custom Activity -> Custom Revision.

We maintain the history of revision with user info who send it in revision state. It's auto group by the shipping order id.

Track Order

Using Order Number we can trace the order location and status of the shipping address.

Menuitem: Freights -> Shipping Operation -> Track Order.

Set Shipping Date

Menuitem: Freights -> Shipping Operation -> Set Shipping Date.

We can also able to set delivery and received date on bunch of order. Popup the wizard. Fill the info and select the order you want to set shipping date.


Menuitem: Freights -> Shipping -> Direct Shipping -> Action Bar.

Reports is very important in any system. We add here good and attractive reports for the users. We sure you like it.

This image is indicate the report. That we print from the shipping order menu.

Shipment Order

We can print shipment order from here with the Barcode.

Shipment order report provide full information with the Customer, Direction, Transport, Order Detail, Routes, Services and so on...

Invoice Payment Reciept Report

We can directly print the invoice receipt from the shipping form. It's show the Total Payment, Due Payment and History of payment.

Bill Payment Reciept Report

Same for the bill receipt. We can print directly bill receipt with the all previous information.

Shipping Analysis Report

Menuitem: Freights -> Reporting -> Shipping

Analysis report for the all shipment. From here we can analyse the total bill of amount and invoice. We can also analyse with the more scenario using this analysis report.



Based on port configuration we select the port in shipping operation.

We highlighted some field in image that represent that which of port available on that location. If port is not available then we can't select those port in operation for that location.

Menuitem: Freights -> Configuration -> Ports


Menuitem: Freights -> Configuration -> Containers

Container contain the goods we define it with their max weight & volume capacity.

If we add more goods then container capacity it's show the warning message.

When once order is confirmed for particular container then we can't used it for another order.

Pricing List

Pricing List is defined on based on goods type. We define the price weight(KG) and volume(M3) measure. Based on this price we calculate the cost of the shipping order.

Menuitem: Freights -> Configuration -> Pricing List

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