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X2M Delete Multiple Records
Synodica Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Generacion de facturas globales apartir de las ordenes del POS

Factura Global CFDI 4.0

Change field selection options from Odoo interface, Field Configuration, Database Structure, Custom Module

Field Selection Configuration

All in One WhatsApp Integration with Odoo

All In One WhatsApp Odoo Integration
InTechual Solutions
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This module essentially provides us a very useful feature to refresh the page in given interval.

Web Auto Refresh and Reload
Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.
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Custom Survey Matrix Module, Survey Question Matrix App, Survey With Custom Matrix, Create Survey Matrix, Make Survey Matrix With Barcode, Survey Matrix With QRCode, Generate Custom Survey Odoo

Survey - Matrix Advance
Softhealer Technologies

Sale Order Cancel, Cancel Quotation, Purchase Order Cancel, Request For Quotation Cancel, Cancel POS Order, Cancel MRP Order,Delete Invoice, Cancel Payment, Cancel Stock Picking,Cancel Stock Moves Odoo

All In One Cancel - Advance | Cancel Sale Orders | Cancel Purchase Ordrs | Cancel Invoices | Cancel Invenory | Cancel Point Of Sale Orders | Cancel Landed Costs | Canel HR Expenses
Softhealer Technologies

Print List to EXCEL, Print List to CSV, Print List to PDF, Copy List to Clipboard, Row Number in listview, Inline editing, Multi actions in List View and One2many List, All in one One2many Actions, All in one List Actions, Optional Columns, Quick Actions ListView, Quick Action List, Quick Consult List, Quick Details List, Quick Edit List, Quick Edit in List, Quick Delete List, Details Button, Open Button, Edit Button, Remove Button, Delete Button, Customize Button, More Buttons, Row Number in list view, Row Number in tree view, Row Number in treeview, Row Number in tree/list view, List view search, Row Number Header Fix Tree View, Export List View for All Application, List View and One2many Header Sticky, Quick Search, More Actions in List, Quick Open Form from List, List View Manage List View, ListView Management ListView, One2Many Actions, List view filter search filter, List view settings, List view dynamic search dynamic, search record by column value, Détails, Global Search, List view copy values, Export View, Export ListView, Export TreeView, list edit mode, list inline edit mode, Fixed Header List View, Upgrade List View with ability to preview, edit and delete with one click, Recherche avancée, Ajouter, Buttons List One2many List Buttons Actions Execute, Advance filter, Quick Access Records in list, Filtre dynamique, Modifier Supprimer, Eliminer, Pagination, Add records, Appliquer des actions, Ajouter autres boutons, Configurer, Configuration, Quick Actions Quick Creation Quick Create Quick Edit Quick Remove, Customization List View Customization Actions Editable, Customize List View Customize Actions Editable, List Customize Actions customize List, All in one list view, Dynamic Actions, Dynamic search engine, Dynamic filters, Advanced search, General Search in Tree/List View, List view print, List view export, Field Search, Table View Quick Access Quickly, List View Sticky Header, All in one List View Actions, Filter per user, Save list as EXCEL, Save list as CSV, Save list as PDF, Customize Filters, Customize Search, Personalize Search per user

Advanced List View with Dynamic Filters & Export

Effortlessly track changes for all fields within any Odoo model using our module. No coding required—simply activate Developer Mode, select the model, and enable "Track All Fields.

Track Any Fields in Chatter

Apps for import serial number import Lot number import lot number in picking import lot in picking import lot in receipt import serial number import serial number in picking import serial in picking import serial in receipt import lot serial in picking

Import Lot/Serial Number in Picking-Receipt and Transfer from Excel File
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Integrate MS SQL data to Odoo

Integration - MS SQL to Odoo

Electronic invoicing for Point of sale / Odoo Peru

Factura electronica POS

Default Make QR Module,New Product QR Generate App,Existing Product QR Generate Application, Existing Multi Product QR Create, Custom Product QR Generator,Product QRCode Generator,QRCode Product Odoo

Product QR Code Generator
Softhealer Technologies

Select multiple customers and get direction for each and every selected customers. Optimize Route for the multiple customer addresses. Here we had solved TSP (travelling Salesperson Problem). Note: This route optimizer is not 100 percent accurate, because the shape, distance, direction, land area are in a trade-off relationship.

Optimize Routes for multiple stops | TSP
Botspot Infoware Pvt. Ltd.

Automatic Backup -(Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, FTP, SFTP, Local)

Automatic Backup (Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, FTP, SFTP, Local)
Icon TechSoft Pvt. Ltd.
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Odoo Backend Theme, Odoo Community Backend Theme, Web backend Theme, Web Responsive Odoo Theme, New theme design, New design, Multi Level Menu, Web Responsive Odoo Backend Theme, Odoo Theme, Odoo Modern Theme, Odoo Modern Backend Theme Odoo, Advance Theme Backend Advanced, Sidebar Light, All in one, New advanced Odoo Menu, Sidebar apps, New design, Left sidebar menu, Web menu, Odoo backend menu, Web Responsive menu, Sidebar White, Advance Menu Odoo App Menu Apps, Advanced Apps Menu, Elegant Menu, Menuitem, Web App Menu Backend, Menu Odoo Backend, Collapse Menu, Light Sidebar, Expand Menu, Collapsed Menu, Expanded Menu, New Style Menus, Advanced Sidebar Menu, Advance Sidebar Menu, Responsive Menu Sidebar, Sidebar Theme, Responsive Sidebar, Hide menu, Show Menu, Hide Sidebar, Show Sidebar, Toggle Menu, Toggle Sidebar, All in one Dynamic Menu Access, Menu Theme, Visibility Menu Visibility, Quick Backend Menu, Dropdown Menu, Parent Menus, Shortcut Menus Shortcut, Menu Icons, Collapsible menu Odoo, Customize Menu Customize Sidebar App, Customization Menu Customization App Sidebar Customization Sidebar Apps, Group Left Menu in Odoo, Global Search Menu Search, Global Menu Access Global Apps Menu Global, Group Top Menu in Odoo, Odoo Foldable Menu Applications, Navbar, App web Menu, Quick Menu Access Menu, Menu Dynamic Sidebar, Any menu, Easy Access for menuitems, User Menu Users, All in one Sidebar, Advanced Menu, Advanced Odoo Menu Backend Odoo Web Theme Web Odoo, Elegant Theme Simple Theme, Advance List View Manager, Menu Style, Advanced List View Advanced Pivot View Theme Table View Theme Form View Theme Advanced Forms, Beautiful Theme Design, New Style Theme

Multi Level App Menu

Hide Followers In Sale Order, Remove Sales Followers, Disable account Auto Add Followers, Quotation Invisible Followers Module, Partner Not Add In Follower App, Customer Not Add In Follower, Vendor Not Add In Followers In Bill Odoo

All in One Disable Followers | Sale Order Disable Followers | Purchase Order Disable Followers | Invoice Disable Followers
Softhealer Technologies

organization survey options mo, company survey more fields, create awesome survey app, survey by email field, survey by file field, survey by url, survey by time field odoo, survey by range field Survey Extra Field Survey Extra FieldsOdoo

Survey - Extra Fields
Softhealer Technologies

With this module, the user's geolocation is tracked at the check-in/check-out stage, and manger can even set the attendance range for the employee.

Hr Attendance maps Geolocation
Ahmed Mnasri

If internal user does not do any activity at a particular time, the session will automatically expire.

Activity Session Timeout
Sonny Huynh