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Parcel or Courier Management System includes following features Portal access and allows to create request as customer Shipping order for sender to receiver Arrival and delivery of package for shipping order Arrival location unloading anf allocation in location Package barcode and shipping order barcode Source to destination wise pricing Home Delivery and pick up obtion Invoice at sender or receiver end Courier Management Courier Transport Management Package origin or destination wise reports

Advance Courier Management System

Dairy farm management system is use to manage data related to Dairy Animals, milk and manure Dashboard animal type wise Import milk on milksheet Daily Feed and other Expenses Costcenter and Activeties for all events Doctor appointment and trement and vacination Manages Animals Data like (Health,Weight,Breeding) Animals Daily Milk Sheet and Milk inventory Held and pregnancy and calf management Manages Animals Data ( Health, Weight, Breeding) Animals Daily Milk Sheet and Milk inventory Milk Distribution and Grain purchase and other expenses Manure Collection, Inventory and Distribution Milk ledger, income analysis and farm accouting Health, Weight, Breeding PDF and other reports Milk management system Animal management system Dairy farm management Farm management Animals management Cattle management

Advance Dairy and Cattle Management

The 'Visitor Management Portal' offers an effective solution for managing visitors efficiently. It facilitates tracking of visitor interactions, including employee information, check-in/out times, destination, visit type, category, reference details, location, and employee department. Visitors' details are accessible through tree and form views, and the system allows printing of visitor passes containing comprehensive information.

Visitor Management | Visitor Management System | Portal Visitor Management System | Portal Visitors
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GraphQL, Json:API, API Key, User and Sudo Access and more.

Odoo API Bundle Lite

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