Multicompany Odoo Dashboards-Odoo POS Dashboard, CRM Dashboard, Inventory Dashboard, Sales Dashboard, Account Dashboard



v 12.0 Third Party
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Required Apps CRM (crm)
Inventory (stock)
Invoicing (account)
Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Sales (sale_management)
Employees (hr)
Lines of code 112298
Technical Name multicompany_dashboard_axis
Also available in version v 13.0 v 15.0 v 14.0
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Required Apps CRM (crm)
Inventory (stock)
Invoicing (account)
Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Sales (sale_management)
Employees (hr)
Lines of code 112298
Technical Name multicompany_dashboard_axis
Also available in version v 13.0 v 15.0 v 14.0

Multicompany Supported Dynamic Odoo Dashboard for POS, CRM, Inventory, Sales and Accounting/ Invoice

Odoo Dashboard app includes CRM odoo dashboard, POS odoo dashboard, Inventory odoo dashboard, Sales odoo dashboard, Accounting odoo dashboard for any odoo business model. Dashboard Available in Odoo 14, odoo 13, odoo 12, Odoo 11. This module helps to create and customize odoo dashboards for your different departments. With this app allows take significant business decisions quickly by overseeing essential stats on your self configured odoo dashboard module.

Key Features of Odoo Dashboard :

  • 01

    Odoo Multicompany Analytics Dashboard for ease of doing business

  • 02

    Robust dashboards for your different departments, pre-configured ERP dashboard with Responsive design

  • 03

    Configurable Odoo dashboard for POS Dashboard, Sales Dashboard, Inventory Dashboard, Account Dashboard, CRM Dashboard with animated charts, graphs, tables and more

  • 04

    Major Chart Types supported Tile, Line, Bar, Vertical, Horizontal, Pie chart, Doughnut, Polar Area chart and List view

  • 05

    font colour, background colour, layouts, chart animated

  • 06

    Click info icon on charts or section of charts to view details in list view

  • 07

    Hover effects on block, charts and graph

  • 08

    Configuration menu provided to create multiple dashboards in odoo and menu supporting in odoo

  • 09

    Easy configuration of items using other odoo modules

  • 10

    Limit your records to see limited records in any Analytics Dashboard items like Top 10 sale product, top 10 location and so on

  • 11

    Pre-define dashboard layout template for dashboard

  • 12

    You can change the colour scheme for the charts quickly

  • 13

    Date filter options for check data using Days, Months, Years, Custom Date

  • 14

    Export data in Excel, CSV, PDF

  • 15

    Different combinations of graphs for different companies

  • 16

    This Multicompany Dynamic Dashboards contains user friendly interfaces for Odoo 14, Odoo 13 and Odoo 12 version and supported Odoo Community and Enterprise Edition

Odoo Website Dashboard for POS, Sales, CRM, Accounting, Inventory and more - Send mail to get DEMO -

creative odoo dashboard app for download in v12, v13, v14, v15

Dashboard Odoo Module Support in following Odoo Apps :

Analytics CRM Dashboard For Odoo

Odoo POS Dashboard

POS dashboard items that you need in your Point of Sale on a day-to-day basis.

Odoo All in One Dynamic Dashboard

Odoo Sales Dashboard

Lifeline of every business is a sale this business dashboard in odoo will display your daily sales operation & help sales manager.

multiple inventory Dashboards in odoo

Odoo Inventory Dashboard

Quickly start to track your inventory based on graphs, list and charts.

general Sales dashboard in odoo

Odoo Account Dashboard

Balance an account of customers, credit/debit, bank activity and so on available in the dashboard.

Customize Sales, CRM, Account, POS, Inventory Odoo Dashboard

Odoo CRM Dashboard

Check your all activity and customers activity of leads, reports, options and so on in crm dashboard application in odoo.

Multicompany selection to display Graphs/Charts dashboard data

multicompany odoo Dashboard support multiple companies view, different combinations of graphs for different companies

View of

Sales Dashboard in odoo

Odoo 13 Dashboard with pie chart, line chart, tablelist view

View of

Responsive Sales Dashboard In Odoo

mobile dashboard for odoo v13
responsive dashboard for odoo
best odoo dashboard with responsive

View of

CRM Dashboard in odoo

odoo dynamic dashboard for V12, v13, V14, v15

View of

Responsive Crm Dashboard In Odoo

Responsive CRM dashboard
beautiful CRM dashboard with responsive
mobile supported CRM dashboard

View of

Account Dashboard in odoo

Odoo POS Dashboard

View of

Responsive Account Dashboard In Odoo

account dashboard with responsive
dashboard support mobile view in odoo
download top dashboard in odoo v13, v14, v15

View of

Inventory Dashboard in odoo

business dashboard in odoo

View of

Responsive inventory Dashboard In Odoo

dynamic inventory dashboard
graphs, charts, pie chart , dashboard in odoo
module for dashboard in odoo

View of

POS Dashboard in odoo

odoo crm dashboard, Odoo ERP dashboard, multiple Dashboards in odoo

View of

Responsive Pos Dashboard In Odoo

pos dashboard in odoo for download
odoo dashboard in pos with mobile support
responsive pos Dashboards in odoo app

Configure dashboard, Go to Setting => User => Select below mentioned option, - Dashboards will display as per selected option

hrms dashboard in odoo

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