Website Menu Enhancements

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Technical name website_megamenu
Also available for v 9.0

Website Menu Enhancements

Powerful website menu enhancements

Main Features:

  • Shop Categories in Header
  • Promos in Dropdowns
  • Sticky Menu
  • Cart in Menu

Shop Categories in Header

Shop categories can be added to whole website using "Customize" menu.

Promos in Dropdowns

Promotion images can be added to the dropdown of the main category. Promos may have links to pages. Up to 4 columns of content can be added to menu dropdown.

Sticky Menu

Optionally, using the "Customize" menu, it is possible to enable the "Sticky Menu" feature,. This feature will "stick" menu to the top of the page when you scroll down.

Cart in Menu

Optionally, using "Customize" menu, its possible to enable the "Cart in Menu" feature. This feature will make sure that your visitors are always aware of their cart. It will be always visible in the menu.

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Website Menu Enhancements
Powerful website menu enhancements
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