Tabs Building Block

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Technical name website_tabs
Also available for v 9.0

Tabs Building Block

Enhance your website with tabbed content easily

Main Features:

  • Website Editor Integration
  • Drag & Drop Content

Website Editor Integration

Very simple and intuitive usage with seamless integration with Odoo website editor. Create or remove new tabs just by clicking option buttons.

Drag & Drop Content

Each tabs accept any snippet the website normally accepts, just select the tab and drag & drop it inside.

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Installs on both hosted and Online/SAAS/Cloud environments

To install this module on hosted environment, you need to:

  • Upload module to your addons folder
  • Restart odoo service
  • Upgrade modules list
  • Install as usual

To install this module on Online/Cloud/SAAS, you need to:

  • Activate the developer mode
  • Install "Base import module" (technical name: base_import_module) module which adds capability to install external modules
  • Click on "Import Module" link in "Apps" menu
  • Select downloaded module archive file (.zip) and click "Import Module" button. Thats it, enjoy!

Check out this video ( which demonstrates the process of importing modules on Cloud/SAAS.