Pricelist by Partner Category

v 10.0 Third Party 2

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Technical name website_sale_pricelist_visibility
Also available for v 11.0
Included Dependencies Partners Hierarchy

Pricelist by Partner Category

Manage Pricelists by Partner Category

Main Features:

  • Control Pricelist Visibility on SO/Website
  • Partners Menu
  • Partner Categories
  • Setting Category
  • Filter by Category
  • Hierarchy View

Control Pricelist Visibility on SO/Website

Control pricelist visibility by partner categories.

When we set partner category (ex: VIP Level 1) for specific pricelist (ex.: VIP1), then this pricelist will only be available to VIP Partners and no lower level partners or logged out users will be able to see it.

Higher level partners (ex.: VIP Level 2) will also be able to see pricelists of lower level partners (ex.: VIP Level 1).

Partners Menu

A "Partners" menu added next to the "Users" menu in "Settings" makes convenient to access and manage partners.

Partner Categories

Define partner categories in with child-parent relations.

Setting Category

There are two ways of linking partners to categories - set one category on partner form or set many partners for one category on category form.

Filter by Category