Product Category Visibility

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Technical name website_sale_category_visibility
Also available for v 11.0 v 9.0
Included Dependencies Partners Hierarchy

Product Category Visibility

Manage product category visibility by partner category

Main Features:

  • Control Product Category Visibility on Website
  • Partners Menu
  • Partner Categories
  • Setting Category
  • Hierarchy View
  • Filter by Category

Control Product Category Visibility on Website

Control product category visibility by partner categories.

By default all categories are visible to everyone, logged in users and not logged in users, all partners...

When we set partner category (ex: VIP Level 1) for specific product category (ex.: Computers), then this category will only be available to VIP Partners and no lower level partners or logged out users will be able to see it.

Higher level partners (ex.: VIP Level 2) will also be able to see categories of lower level partners (ex.: VIP Level 1).

Partners Menu

A "Partners" menu added next to the "Users" menu in "Settings" makes convenient to access and manage partners.

Partner Categories

Define partner categories in with child-parent relations.

Setting Category

There are two ways of linking partners to categories - set one category on partner form or set many partners for one category on category form.

Hierarchy View

For a better visualization a Hierarchy View is presented.

Filter by Category