Product Price Visibility

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Technical name website_sale_price_visibility
Also available for v 11.0 v 9.0

Product Price Visibility

Control product price visibility based on website categories set for partner

Main Features:

  • Allowed Categories for Partner
  • Allowed Products for Partner
  • Inverse Restrictions
  • Quote Requests
  • Quote Request Email
  • Quote "Thank You" Page Redirect
  • Defaults for New Users
  • Hide Price for Visitors

Allowed Categories for Partner

Set categories for partners to control (show/hide) price visibility for products within these selected categories on partner form, "Sales & Purchases" tab

Allowed Products for Partner

Individual products can also be set for partner which will override any product category setting. If products were set explicitly then this partner will be able to see price for those products even if he cannot see prices of other products in this category.

Inverse Restrictions

By default this module allows you to define product categories or products for partner which price will be visible for particular customer (other prices are hidden).

When "Inverse" is ticked, the functionality is inverted so now you can define product categories or products for partner which price is hidden for particular customer (other prices are visible).

Quote Requests

When partner is not allowed to see price of the product he can request for quotation. The quotation button visibility is configured on partner form, next to allowed categories

Quote Request Email

When customer clicks "Get Quote" a modal window opens requesting to provide details of request. The form will be automatically prefilled if the customer is logged-in and had provided its details before. The functionality works regardless of customer is logged-in or not. My default the quote request recipient is Administrator, this can be changed in settings

Quote "Thank You" Page Redirect

It is possible to set a "Thank You" page URL to which the user will be redirected after quote submission.

Different URL per product category or per specific product.

Defaults for New Users

Categories can be set to be visible by default for new users, so you wont need to setup categories for each new user. To do so we need to setup default categories for "Template user" (add custom filter 'Active is false' to find it)

Hide Price for Visitors

Optionally its possible to hide a "Get Quote" button. This functionality serves well when we want to hide price for non logged-in users. To do so we would not set any allowed category and would disable option "Get Quote button visible" for partner "Public user" (add custom filter 'Active is false' to find it)

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